Podere Arundineto

Podere Arundineto

The potential of a unique territory

Roberto Cristini, who follows his family’s tradition of working in the timber processing industry, came to Bolgheri in 1985 from the countryside in Frosinone. He immediately recognized the enormous potential that this territory has to offer and decided to live here permanently.

In 1990, he married his wife, Patrizia Corsi, and together they built their first house, and in addition to their timber processing business, they established a farm on the western side of Via Bolgherese, Podere Arundineto.

A continuously growing project

The first vineyards were planted in 2000. From the very beginning, Roberto and Patrizia have always made investments to develop and expand their winery.
Today, they own 15 hectares that produce Bolgheri DOC wines and olive oil.

Bolgheri DOC Wines

Boscatico | DOC Bolgheri Rosso
Boscatico Superiore| DOC Bolgheri Superiore

Agriturismo Podere Arundineto

Patrizia Corsi

Tours and tastings

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Find us with Google Maps | Via del Casone Ugolino 27, 57022 Donoratico (LI)
0565 773192 | info@poderearundineto.it

The company and its vineyards