Donna Olimpia 1898

Donna Olimpia 1898

The story

Heir of the historical wine family of the Folonari, Guido arrived in Bolgheri in 2001 at 33 years old, to test himself in what he deemed to be the new frontier of the Italian wine. The Donna Olimpia estate was founded in 1898 by Olimpia Alliata, wife to Count Gherardo della Gherardesca.


Thanks to the skills and vision of Guido today Donna Olimpia 1868 has become an avant-garde wine estate: 45 hectares of vineyards, all standing around the winery in the middle of the Bolgheri “Theatre”.

DOC Wines

Millepassi | DOC Bolgheri Superiore
Campo alla Giostra | DOC Bolgheri Rosso
Donna Olimpia | DOC Bolgheri Rosso
Donna Olimpia | DOC Bolgheri Bianco
Donna Olimpia | DOC Bolgheri Rosato

Donna Olimpia 1898

Guido Folonari

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The producer’s tale

The company and its vineyards