The production area runs parallel to the beaches
of the Tuscan coast

located in the province of Livorno,
in the town of Castagneto Carducci








"A small area with many soils:
zones and practical advice to maximize the quality deriving from the
environmental and viticultural resources of the Bolgheri appellation"


At the present moment, the producers who are members of the Consortium are 45. The Consortium represents 92% of the overall total registered vineyard surface in the appellation. The data of the official census of the vineyard surface, completed in February 2013, are the following: 1.205,51 hectares (2.979 acres) planted within the appellation borders. Of this, 1.108,08 hectares (2.737 acres) belong to consortium members; 1014,36 hectares (2.505 acres) are registered to the appellation, while the remaining acreage is registered to the production of IGT (Typical Geographical Indication) wine. Concering the DOC surface, the division among the different red grape varieties is the following: Cabernet Sauvignon 42,34% , Merlot 25,07%, Cabernet Franc 9,41%, Petit Verdot 6,04%, Syrah 6,93%, Sangiovese 1,82%. While the white grapes are: Vermentino 6,70%, Viognier 0,52 % and Sauvignon Blanc 0,33 %.

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